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4 Reasons to Wax through the Fall

1. Hair Growth ~ The more you wax on a consistent basis the more you will begin to notice less hair growing back in between waxes. If you wax regularly and then stop during the colder seasons and go back to shaving or go Saskwatch ,you will only slow down your progress towards sparser, finer hair. ⁠

2. Health of your skin ~ Waxing not only removes the hair, it also exfoliates your skin. This combined with the removal of the entire hair follicle is what gives you clear, smooth, healthy skin. You have a great opportunity to get smooth skin during the summer months if you start waxing from the fall and keep up with your schedule.⁠

3. Time ~ Waxing allows you to cut your morning routine short. No more need to wake up at the crack of dawn to give yourself enough time to shave every day. This is especially important for those who are back at school or have kids going back to school as your schedule fills up quick. Waxing only requires a visit to your Esthetician every few weeks. ⁠

4. Accident proof ~ Unlike shaving, when you wax you won’t be left with cuts, rashes, razor burn, red bumps, etc. You can say goodbye to legs covered in band aids or wearing sleeves and/or pants to cover up irritated skin.⁠

Keep the Waxing up, You Won't Regret It!⁠

We are sure you agree with these reasons to keep waxing through the fall and winter months. The best thing you can do to ensure glowing skin is sticking to your schedule! ⁠

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